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2023 Roush Fall Corn Shredding


Tim and Linda Roush held their annual corn shredding event at their farm near Sadinia Ohio on Black Friday, November 24, 2023. This is an annual event unless the weather or a pandemic gets in the way. It allows them to play with their toys and spend some quality social time with their friends and family. Tim's son-in-law Travis Bogart sets up his antique, belt driven corn shredder and Tim had grown a couple of acres of corn that was designated just for this event. Tim uses his Percheron draft horses to pull the wagon that transports the corn from the field to the shredder. This year the weather wasn't ideal. Although it was sunny, the temperatures were in the upper 30's to mid 40's with a 20-25 mph breeze that made it feel even colder. Several friends stopped by to visit, but only a few stayed for any length of time. As usual, there was a big lunch for everyone with hot chili, potato soup, hot dogs, pies and cookies, etc. There was only one problem all day when the belt for the blower got loose, but Travis found one nearby and for only $33 was able to replace it during lunch. Click below to see the photos I took to remember the day.



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