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2019 Kentucky Muleskinners Barbourville

Wagon Train Ride


The Kentucky Muleskinners group left Mink's Farm near Harrodsburg, Kentucky on 9/30/19 to spend two weeks driving their wagons southeast across central Kentucky to Renfro Valley and eventually, on south to Barbourville, Ky. The plan was to ride the wagons to the next destination each day and then to return at the end of the day to move up the horse trailers and other vehicles with the animal feed and living quarters. The ride progressed each day with minimal problems although the temperatures for each of the first 4 days exceeded 95F. This resulted in frequent stops on each of these days to rest and to water the animals. After these first four days, the temperatures came way down and it was almost chilly the rest of the trip. We laid over for two days at Lake Linville near Renfro Valley and participated in the Bittersweet Festival Parade in Mt Vernon, Kentucky on one of those layover days. There was a drought in Kentucky with September being the driest on record, but, of course, the drought broke during our ride with several inches of rain falling on the leg of the trip from Renfro Valley to London. The number of wagons varied each day of the ride from 3 wagons to 8 wagons depending on the weather and other factors. When we got to London, Kentucky we were the guests of Ray Hammons and his family at their farm just outside of London. They have a beautiful place and we laid over there for one day before continuing on. Since we would be arriving in Barbourville on Wednesday with plans to ride in the Daniel Boone Festival Parade on Saturday, some thought was given to riding south towards Tennessee when we left London, but it needed to be scouted out better before we could take the chance. Instead, we went straight on to Barbourville arriving there on Wednesday afternoon. We then laid over there for two days until the parade on Saturday. As we lined up for the parade on Saturday, our only real casualty of the trip occured when Bev Merrill managed to fall from her horse and, it turns out, broke her ankle. As a result, I don't have any photos of the parade because I took Bev to the hospital and was sitting in the emergency room at the hospital while the parade was occurring. Click on the links below to see the photos I took on this adventure.



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Harrodsburg to Crab Orchard

Crab Orchard to Renfro Valley

Renfro Valley to Barbourville

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