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2019 Waldridge August 3rd Ride


Danny Crawford called Jerry Waldridge to let him know that he was bringing over a wagon on Saturday, August 3rd that he wanted Jerry to do some work on for him. Jerry suggested that he would call some friends and set up an impromtu wagon ride for that day. The result was that 7 wagons and buggies and 4 outriders were there on Saturday ready to ride. This was as good (or better) than the turnout that we get when we plan these events well out into the future. The ride was to begin at Walter Centers farm which is where Jerry does a lot of his wagon work. A few of us had arrived on Friday afternoon and camped overnight enjoying the wonderful weather. Saturday was clear with no threat of rain and the temperatures rose into the upper 80's(F) with what felt like low humidity. Jerry planned a route around Anderson county that was about 17 miles long with some interesting scenery. After the ride, Jerry arranged for his sister Angel to come over to Walters and cook up burgers for supper. Although this event was held with little advance planning, the combination of good company, great scenery, and fine weather made this one of the better rides this year. We plan to be back at Walters for a ride again on August 23-25th so be sure to mark your calendars and come on down!



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