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2018 Renfro Valley/Barbourville

Wagon Train Ride


The Kentucky Muleskinners group left Harrodsburg, Kentucky on 10/01/18 with plans to drive their wagons southeast across central Kentucky to Renfro Valley and eventually, on south to Barbourville, Ky. The plan was to ride the wagons to the next destination each day and then to return late in the day and move up the horse trailers and other vehicles with the animal feed and living quarters. The ride progressed each day with minimal problems and the group arrived in the Renfro Valley area late on Thursday. We laid over on Friday to allow the animals (and the riders) to rest. On Saturday, a few of the wagons rode over to Mt Vernon, Ky to participate in their Bittersweet Festival parade. Departure for Barbourville was scheduled for Sunday morning and the group got underway once they got a few of their vehicles freed from the mud and ready to be picked up that afternoon. The Sunday ride was a hot one and it was after dark before we returned from going back to get all of the vehicles. The Monday ride went smoothly and the group arrived at the overnight spot in London, Ky late in the afternoon. The plan was to spend Tuesday laying over in London and traveling on to Barbourville on Wednesday. Due to some issues, I found it necessary to leave the ride and return to Indiana on Tuesday so I do not have photos of that last day of the ride or of any subsequent events.



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Harrodsville to Renfro Valley

Renfro Valley to London, Ky

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