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2018 Rader Wagon Train/Crawford Ride


Homer Rader's annual wagon train departed from Columbiana Farm near Paris, Kentucky on Wednesday July 18, 2018 to begin the 3 day trip over to the farm of Danny Crawford near Hillsboro, Kentucky where Danny was planning to host a weekend wagon ride. The initial portion of the ride was through Bourbon County which is the home of some of the most beautiful thoroughbred horse farms in the world. The weather on Wednesday was ideal with moderate temperatures and blue skies. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to accompany the 3 carts that rode on Wednesday due to a family emergency which required that I leave to go home for the day. I was able to rejoin the group on Wednesday evening in North Middletown, Ky. and was aboard to take photos on Thursday morning when we resumed under almost perfect weather conditions again. There were only 2 carts driving on Thursday as one had gone home after Wednesday's ride. We spent Thursday night in Milltown, Ky where we had a tailgate supper of delicious chicken and the fixin's. Friday morning greeted us with a serious weather change as heavy rains began to fall in the morning and continued off and on through much of the day. Despite the heavy rains, we were able to ford the Liking River and try a new route which everyone really enjoyed. We made our usual lunch stop at the store in Sherburne, Ky. before continuing our trek over to Danny's farm under slightly better weather conditions. Although we did get wet on Friday morning, the temperatures remained on the mild side and no one seemed to be terribly uncomfortable with the situation.

The weather on Friday evening continued to be nasty with a probable tornado touching down about 5 miles south of our location. Despite the conditions, a few more hardy souls arrived and joined the group. By daylight on Saturday morning, the rain had let up and sunshine had returned. There were 6 wagons and about 15 outriders ready to hit the road when the "5 minute" call was given. The temperatures were still in the high 70's and low 80's all day and it lead to some beautiful conditions to ride. We followed our usual route and were back at the farm by about 4PM where Danny and his family had prepared a big spread in one of Danny's big stripping barns with a roasted hog and all the fixin's followed by homemade pies and ice cream prepared by Danny's Amish friends. Just as we finished eating and were preparing to be entertained by the music of Sammy Adkins (formerly a member of Dr. Ralph Stanley's band), a large thunderstorm began. Although we were under cover, the noise of the storm plus the water that ran through on the dirt floor of the barn made it difficult to enjoy Sammy's music. Hopefully he will come back next year and the conditions will be better. Rain showers continued to come and go overnight and by Sunday morning, everyone was packing up and preparing to go home.

Between missing one day and then trying to keep myself and my camera equipment dry on Friday, I did not take as many photos as I usually take. However, I hope you enjoy viewing the photos I did take as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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