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2018 Tingle's Ride


Roger Tingle invited some of his friends and the members of the Kentucky Trailblazers to go on a wagon ride on June 22-23, 2018 at a property that Roger owns near Springfield, Kentucky. A couple of us arrived late on Friday afternoon and it was decided to hook up the 2 teams that were there and take an evening ride. We knew we would have plenty of daylight since the prior day had been the longest day of the year. The weather was a little "iffy" as there were scattered rain showers all around the area. However, there was sunshine in between the showers. Our evening ride was great even though we did have to stop and wait out one brief rain shower. Saturday morning dawned looking much like the prior evening with sun mixed with clouds. A couple of additional teams came in after breakfast and we had 4 wagons when we rolled out. Overall, the weather on Saturday turned out to be almost perfect. We didn't get wet and we also didn't get too hot. We took a nice 16.5 mile ride and returned to a fine evening meal with Roger and his friends and family.



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