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2018 Sommer's Ride


The members of the Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association spent the weekend of May 17-20 at Danny and Alice Sommer's deer camp on German Ridge Road in the Hoosier National Forest just outside of Tell City, Indiana. Many of the members came on Thursday with the plan to ride on both Friday and Saturday. The Friday ride left the camp about 10AM. There were 9 carts and wagons with Danny and his grandson in the lead in their black surrey pulled by Danny's horse Larry. The weather was varied as we had both a rain shower and some bright sunlight through the day. The only real excitement was caused by Chuck Painter whose wagon brakes weren't working and resulted in his team running off when faced with a steep downhill grade. Ironically it was right in front of Danny's home where we had intended to stop for lunch. Fortunately, Chuck was able to control the situation and the team stopped once they got to the bottom of the hill. After a brief mid-afternoon stop at Danny's camp, some of us rolled back out and rode another few miles down the road to the German Ridge camp ground. With over 40 riders and visitors on hand, the Friday evening meal resulted in a lot of the food for Saturday night being cooked and eaten on Friday.

Following a big Saturday morning breakfast, the group was again ready to hit the road. There were 8 wagons and carts when we headed out. We rode about 15 miles and stopped in Derby, Indiana for lunch. The sun shined on us all day although the temperatures never got too high and there was a nice breeze. Danny had arranged for fried chicken to be brought in for supper since a lot of the food for Saturday evening had already been eaten on Friday. Combining the chicken with all of the covered dishes brought in by the riders and by visitors. there was a big, tasty meal. A much larger crowd was on hand than Danny had expected, but there was still plenty of food for everyone.

On Sunday morning, the sky was beautiful and the temperature was perfect. After enjoying another fine breakfast, people began to load up and roll out for home. As usual, we all had a great time and can't wait to get together in a few weeks at Dennis and Edna's place so we can pick up where we left off.



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