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2017 - Crawfords Ride


Over the weekend following the 2017 version of Homer Rader's wagon train ride, we were the guests of Danny Crawford on his farm near Grange City, Kentucky. In addition to the 5 wagons that had arrived with the wagon train, we were joined by 8 other wagons on Saturday morning when we headed out to tour the area. We followed the same route we follow every year when we make this ride, including a stop to visit one of Danny's elderly neighbors. The weather had cooled off somewhat from the scorcing temperatures that had existed during the week and it was a perfect day for a wagon ride. We returned to the farm in the late afternoon and members of Danny's family all pitched in to serve up a great evening meal which included a hog that had been donated by one of Danny's Amish friends. Most everyone went home after the dinner or left on Sunday morning and there were only two wagons who rode on Sunday. We were joined by a local Amish family and we headed down to Erma's resturant in Owingsville for lunch. On the way back from Erma's, we made our annual stop at the swinging footbridge which crosses over one of the local creeks. Once they worked up the courage to try the bridge, the Amish children had a ball going across the bridge and back several times while we rested the teams. The afternoon ended back at Danny's farm where his mules were glad to be released back into their pasture. Overall, the weekend was one of the best this year with plenty of folks in attendance and weather that was practically perfect. Click on the link below to see the photos I shot of this event.



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