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2017 Merrill's Ride


Bev Merrill and her son Sean Bagnall hosted a Saturday wagon ride on June 24th near Stamping Ground, Kentucky. Unfortunately, about 3 inches of rain fell late on Friday afternoon and turned the site of the ride into a bit of a swamp. However, the sun came out on Saturday morning and it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a ride with temperatures barely into the 80's. At departure time, a total of 5 wagons were ready to go and a small group of outriders were also on hand to enjoy the beautiful weather. The wagons spent the day riding the back roads of Scott County while the horseback riders took off in a different direction. We stopped in the town of Stamping Ground for lunch and visited one of the farms in that area to water the teams. Mid-afternoon Bev and a couple of the wagons took a separate route back to camp so she could start cooking the meal that we were all looking forward to upon our return. Meanwhile 3 of us continued to ride and put another 8-10 miles on the teams. By the time we arrived back at the camp, Bev had everything prepared and we all dug in and filled our bellies with some fine grub!

When the ground is soggy, there are always some good opportunities for your photographer to get a few interesting shots. On this ride, I was able to get photos of Bev's son Sean towing trucks and trailers into the parking area/field with his truck. I was also able to photograph Danny Crawford doing the same with his team of mules. Danny figures that the photos of him pulling a truck and horse trailer with his mules will increase their sale value by thousands. Finally, I was able to capture the results if a driver fails to heed the warning stakes placed around the camp when Homer Rader dropped the right side wheels of his horse trailer into a culvert that Bev had marked with a decorative metal stake that is normally used to display hanging flower pots. Fortunately, Homer was able to pull the trailer out of the ditch with no apparent damage to it or his equipment. He stated that he had wondered why that stake was stuck in the ground out in the middle of nowhere. He then had the job of clearing the mud from his windshield before he tried to undertake the journey home. This was the result of Sean towing him into the grounds in the morning. Sean seemed to really enjoy helping Homer by providing the water for this endeavor. The link below will take you to these photos and all of the other photos I took on this ride. Hope you enjoy them!



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