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2016 Rondal Reed's Fall Ride

Rondal Reed, with the support of the Royalton Trail Town, held the Triple R Weekend Ride at the trail head for the Royalton Rail Trail in Royalton, Kentucky over the weekend of October 14-16, 2016. The festivities were scheduled to start on Friday, but some participants arrived as early as Wednesday to camp and ride in the hills nearby. This was both a well planned and a well attended event with lots of horseback riders and several wagons. There were bands on hand both Friday and Saturday night to entertain the campers and the locals who turned out in large numbers to enjoy the music and the food. Excellent food was prepared by a local church group and was not only good, but was also priced right. The ride on Saturday was offroad and went up into the hills where some strip mining had been previously done. The trails included a lot of rocks and there was one spot where several of the teams needed some assistance due to the lack of traction on the rocks. We were also able to visit the entrance to one of the tunnels on the Royalton Rail Trail that is still in the process of being rebuilt by the state. Overall, the weather was great although the area needed rain badly. Many of the leaves on the trees had begun to turn and the colors were good, but not as good as they would have been had their been more rain in the area over the past few months. A big "Thank You" to those who allowed me to ride with them. I really enjoyed myself and made some new friends at the same time.



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