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2016 Renfro Valley/Barbourville

Wagon Train Ride


A group of friends who had formerly been members of the Kentucky Trail Blazers, started a wagon train ride to Renfro Valley, Kentucky on Monday September 26, 2016. The group started with 2 wagons from the farm of John and Connie Mink near Harrodsburg, Kentucky with plans to arrive at Renfro Valley by end of day on Thursday, September 29, 2016. The route wound thru the Civil War battlefields near Perryville and skirted Danville, Ky. Along the way, additional wagons joined the group as they progressed. The final count was 7 wagons by the end of the week. This new group decided to call themselves the Kentucky Mule Skinners Association. While at Renfro Valley, this group met up with the 6 wagons of the Trail Blazers who were also holding their annual wagon train. After resting at Renfro Valley, the two groups both set out on Sunday morning October 2, 2016 on their way to the Daniel Boone Festival in Barbourville, Ky. The Trail Blazers set out at 9AM with 6 wagons and the Mule Skinners started at 10AM with 9 wagons. The two groups followed the same routes and both stayed together at the same overnight stops, but they did travel separately. Tuesday was spent laying over at Levi Jackson State Park in London, Ky and both groups arrived in Barbourville on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday and Friday were spent riding some of the back roads around Barbourville and both groups participated in the Daniel Boone Festival Parade on Saturday afternoon. The weather was very cooperative both weeks and there were no major breakdowns or serious problems. Overall, this was one of the best wagon trains of the past few years due to the fine weather and the camaraderie amoung the members of the group.



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Harrodsburg to Renfro Valley

Renfro Valley to Barbourville

Around Barbourville

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