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2016 Willoughby's Ride

Rick and Tina Willoughby invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association along with several of their friends to their cabin near Carlilse, Kentucky for a Saturday wagon ride on July 30, 2016. Their invitation indicated that the group was invited to arrive on Friday and stay until Sunday if they wished. The weather over the weekend was variable with everything from scattered showers to bright sunlight. However, the temperatures had returned to normal after the extreme heat wave of mid-July, but the humidity continued to be high. As she always does, Tina prepared supper for everyone on Friday and Saturday evening along with a hearty breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday morning. When we left out on the ride on Saturday morning, we had 5 wagons, 1 golf cart along with 3 outriders and because of the high humidity, we spent a lot of our time resting the teams and socializing. As is normal with this crowd, there was plenty of laughing and good natured ribbing throughout the weekend. I think that everyone who was there went home with a smile on their face and a full tummy. I know that your photographer did!



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