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2016 Bath County Draft Horse Farm Pull

The draft horse farm pull of the 2016 Bath County Lions Club Horse Show was held on Friday evening, July 8th at the Lions Club fairgrounds in Owingsville, Kentucky. The show is administered by the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association. There was a shower mid afternoon on Friday that helped settle down the dust on the track, but the weather for the pull was beautiful. This year, there were 6 teams on hand for the pull. All of the horse competing were of the American Belgian draft horse breed. Just like any human contest involving heavy weights, the pull started with a fairly light weight of 2000 pounds on the sled and 500 pounds was added for each round. Each contestant had three chances to pull the sled the full pull distance of 20 feet in order to advance to the next round. Since this was a "farm pull", there were empty tuna cans on each end of the sled with a tennis ball in them that was intended to prevent the teams from jerking the sled as they began their pull. If a tennis ball was dislodged or if the team stepped across the sidelines on the 14 foot wide track, that pull was considered a failure. For their third attempt to complete a full pull at a given weight, teamsters were permitted to have the sled placed whereever on the track they wanted it. In the event no team is able to complete a full pull (20 feet) at a given weight, then the actual distance pulled is used to determine placements. This was no issue as Mr Ray Powell's team was the winner by being the only team to complete a full pull at 9,000 pounds. From the looks of it, the winning team could have pulled a lot more weight if it had been necessary.



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