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2016 Earl and Annies July 4th Ride

Earl Gentry and Annie Morgan hosted the members of the Southern Indiana Draft Horse and Mule Association for a July 4th weekend wagon ride at their farm near Evanston, Indiana. Several members arrived early on Friday to set up for the weekend. (Your photographer actually arrived on Thursday afternoon.) This led to the decision to hook up a few wagons about midday Friday to take an afternoon ride. Overall, the weather on Friday and Saturday was close to ideal, but as we rode the back roads through the farmland of Spencer county, it was obvious that the farmers in this area were desperately in need of some rain for their crops. The turnout on Saturday was great with 9 wagons and a similar number of outriders for the Saturday ride. Unfortunately for those of us who had hoped to also ride on Sunday and Monday, the long awaited rains finally arrived on Sunday morning shortly after the group finished our breakfast. Since everyone realized how necessary the rain was, there were no hard feelings as folks packed up their camps and prepared to return home early. The photos I took over the weekend are available through the link below.



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