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2016 Ernie Hutchinson's Ride

Ernie Hutchinson hosted the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association for a wagon ride at his farm near Berry, Kentucky over the weekend of June 24-26. The temperatures were in the low 90's with high humidity and the skies were clear with some big puffy clouds helped to filter some of the sunlight. The route that Ernie and Lee Tucker had laid out for the Saturday ride covered about 18 miles of mostly shaded, back roads that allowed the animals and the riders to stay somewhat comfortable. Lee drove his team of white mules and he provided Ernie with the use of his team of spotted horses and a wagon to drive since Ernie does not currently have a team that is broke to drive. We went to Lee's farm on Friday evening and drove the two teams the 7 miles over to Ernie's farm to spend Friday night. On Saturday, we were joined by Homer Rader with his team of Norwegian Fiords. We were also joined for a few miles of the Saturday ride by Rick Willoughby and his team of Haflingers. Because of the heat, we spent the entire day walking the teams and enjoying the countryside. When we arrived back at camp on Saturday afternoon, Lee and Ernie had arranged a nice supper for us followed by two different flavors of delicious homemade ice cream. On Sunday, no one else came out to ride, so we hooked up Lee's two teams again and got an early start driving them back over to Lee's farm. It was a really nice weekend, but with only a few wagons present and given that I already have lots of photos of these teams and their drivers, I found that I didn't take as many photos as I usually do.



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