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2016 Issacs Roundup Benefit Ride

It was raining on the morning of Saturday May 21st this year, but that didn't stop the annual Issac's Roundup Benefit Ride from occuring. Everyone knew that this important event to raise money for a group of handicapped children was going to be held "Rain or Shine". Rick and Tima Willoughby had been planning and working toward this day ever since the event from 2015 ended last May. There was food perpared, lots of auction items donated and built, a band scheduled, along with the hundreds of other little details that make an event like this a success. The only question in Ricky's mind early Saturday morning was, given the weather conditions, was everyone else as committed to the success of this day as he and Tina. Fortunately, they had nothing to worry about. When 10AM rolled around and it was time to start the ride, there were riders, horses and wagons everywhere. There were 8 wagons filled to capacity along with an estimated 40+ riders who all came out to ride in the misty drizzle that was falling. There were several other folks who showed up, but elected to stay behind in the dry and wait for the afternoon meal, raffles and the auction. That was fine because the raffles and the auction are where the bulk of the funds for the children are raised. The weather conditions made it hard to get many good photos, but I did the best I could to capture some of the action. Mother Nature finally did her part to support the fund raising efforts as it stopped raining just about the time the riders returned to camp and the remainer of the day's activities were held under overcast, but dry skies. As usual, the meal was delicious and the auction bidding was spirited as everyone proved to be in a generous mood. The final tally on the money raised by this event was over $9,000, 100% of which will go to the families of the children that this event supports to help with their medical expenses and the other things that come with having a child with special needs! By holding this event each year, you can be sure that Rick and Tina along with Tina's mom and daD, Bill and Eva Thompson on whose farm the event is held, have all earned their spots in Heaven!!



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