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2016 Marvin Doyle's Ride

On Saturday May 14th, Marvin Doyle hosted the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association for a one day wagon ride from his son's Triple D Stables outside of Cynthiana, Kentucky. There were showers overnight on Friday and they continued on Saturday morning up until about 30 minutes before we were scheduled to leave for the ride. This was the start of a cold front and the skies stayed overcast and the temperatures stayed in the low 50's with a fairly stiff breeze all day long. Due to the weather, there were only three wagons that rode. We were led by Marvin driving his wagon pulled by Homer Rader's team of Norwegian Fiord mares. Homer drove his team of grays and was accompanied by his uncle Harold. Finally, I rode with Danny Crawford and his team of mules. There were two outriders with us, Bev Merrill and Danny's great granddaughter Brianna. The cool temperatures were great for the animals and we covered about 22 miles of backroads before we got back to the stables. After the animals were taken care of, we all went next door into the neighbor's garage where Marvin's wife Sue had laid out a really great supper for everyone. Once we were finished with supper, everyone said goodbye and headed home.



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