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2015 November Corn Shredding

For the 2nd year in a row, Travis and Angie Bogart along with Angie's parents, Tim and Linda Roush, invited a group of friends to Travis' farm near Sardinia, Ohio on the day after Thanksgiving where the plan was to shred a field of corn that had already been cut, shocked, and stacked. Tim brought his team of beautiful Percheron horses over to pull the wagon of shocks to the antique shredder which was set up and stabilized in the field in front of the house. This shredder had belonged to Travis' grandfather in it's past life. The day was somewhat overcast with the threat of rain later in the day. However, it was unseasonably warm with a high temperature around 60F although there was a stiff breeze blowing that made the temperature feel lower. Things got started early due to the rain threat and all of the corn in the field was shredded by 2PM. Lunch was provided by Angie and Linda who had prepared chili and potato soup for the entire group. Galin Neal helped out by bringing a platter of his wife's brownies and by creamating hot dogs for everyone to enjoy. Finally, there were several types of pies and cakes, some of which were reported to be left over from the Thanksgiving dinner the day before. In addition to the corm shredding there was a display of antique engines and Travis had a few pieces of his antique corn equipment set up and running. The youngsters seemed to have a lot of fun feeding the corn into the corn sheller. There was between 45 and 50 people who came out for this event and there were representatives from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and even from Georgia on hand. Click the link below to see the photos I took during this event. I also took some movies of the happenings and will have them edited and posted soon.



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