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2015 US Draft Horse

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The 11th annual US Draft Horse Plowing Contest was held over the Labor Day weekend at Servant Heart Farm in Wilmore, Kentucky just south of Lexington, Kentucky. The 2015 event was hosted by the facilty and students of the Asbury University Equine Management Department. They did everything they could to make us all feel welcome and are hoping that the event will be brought back to this venue again next year. This was a new location for this event which had been held in Dayton Ohio for the past 10 years. There were several different classes and teams from 5 states showed up to try and win one of them. Thursday and Friday were scheduled for arrival and practice with the competition itself being held on Saturday and the event ended after a Sunday morning worship service. The weather for the weekend was not very cooperative as the temperatures were in the low 90's and the humidity was high making it very uncomfortable. In addition, this was the first time that the fields used for the competition had been plowed in many years and there were lots of problems with rocks and the dry soil. One contestant gave up on her plot after hitting rocks and being thrown from her plow a couple of times. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt. However, the folks from Asbury are aware that more work must be done to improve the plowing conditions if they hope to host the event again next year. Overall, I think everyone who attended had a good time. The event feels more like a family reunion than a serious competition with a lot of good natured kidding and lots of cooperation between contestants. Thanks to the folks from Asbury for their support and all of their efforts to make everyone comfortable.



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