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2015 Boone County Fair

Draft Horse Show


The 2015 Draft Horse Show of the Boone County Kentucky Fair was held on Saturday August 8, 2015 at the county fairgrounds in Burlington in north central Kentucky. Boone County is located on the Ohio River right across from Cincinnati, Ohio. As it has been for the past 20 years, the show was held at the same time as the minature horse show. The show ring was shared between the two shows with the halter classes for both shows being held in different ends of the arena at the same time while the riding and driving classes alternated the use of the show ring. This is particularly beneficial to the draft horse exhibitors as it gives them time between classes to complete harness, horse or driver changes. Unfortunately, like many of these local shows, the number of participants continues to dwindle as the older competitors retire and the young folks have found other ways to spend their time. In fact, there were no competitors in several classes, particularly the wagon classes. Most of the show competitors this year were from Ohio and all of the blue ribbons except one left Kentucky and crossed the bridge over to Ohio. This was fine with the show Manager Ron Burcham, however. He said that without the involvement of our friends from the Buckeye state, there would probably not have been a show at all.



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