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2015 Shelton and Brenda Morris's Ride

Shelton and Brenda Morris hosted a July 4th weekend wagon ride at their home on Fosters-Branch Road about 10 miles south of Mt Sterling, Kentucky for the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association. As usual, they also used the event as an opportunity to get their large family together along with many of their friends. Unfortunately, this area had been having a unusually large amount of rain over the past several weeks and the July 4th weekend was no exception. As you can see in my photos, the camping was a little muddy and we only had 4 wagons on hand to ride on Saturday although the day turned out to be one of the few dry days in awhile. I know that Shelton and Brenda, who had been cooking for days, were both very disappointed with the low turnout. We left the Morris farm in the morning and enjoyed a great ride that took us about 25 miles and through portions of 3 different counties. One of the enjoyable things about riding in this area is seeing the beautiful farms of the large number of Amish that have moved into this part of Kentucky. Both Shelton and my chauffeur Danny Crawford know many of these Amish families and we stopped at a couple of their farms to rest and water our horses. When we got back to Shelton's farm in late afternoon, Brenda had a huge dinner set out for all of us along with many of the Amish families from around the area. After we ate, Beth Tucker broke out sparklers for all of the kids to play with while Shelton's grandson prepared a large fireworks display which he started setting off at twilight. The fireworks continued for about 30 minutes at which time it was totally dark and everyone started loading up to go home. In the end, the evening was a huge success with everyone really enjoying themselves. We had tentative plans to ride again on Sunday, but the heavens opened up with rain again on Sunday morning so we decided to call the weekend a wrap and go on home. Thanks to Brenda for the excellent meal that she had prepared for Saturday evening. I'm sure that Shelton will have plenty of leftovers to keep him going for a few days!



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Shelton and Brenda Morris's Ride

Shelton and Brenda Morris's Ride



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