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2015 Lee and Beth Tucker's Ride


Lee and Beth Tucker hosted a weekend wagon ride from their farm near Renaker, Kentucky, about 8 miles north of Cynthiana, Kentucky. Several of the participants arrived on Friday and spent an hour in the the early evening listening to the sounds of a driving rain storm. Overnight, as a cold front passed through, a light rain continued to fall although it was mostly over by morning on Saturday. As a result of the front passing, the temperatures on Saturday were rather cool and it seemed much more like March rather than June. It took until late Saturday afternoon before the clouds moved out and the skies cleared up. There were 6 wagons and a few outriders that rode on Saturday. We covered about 27 miles of the back roads in Harrison county. The highlight of the day was the crossing of the first of the new metal highway bridges that Kentucky is using to replace many of the old concrete bridges as they wear out. Because the floors on these bridges consists of metal cross hatching that one can see through, many of the horses and mules are very nervous about crossing them. One of the mules managed to jump across the tongue of the wagon and went down in a heap of tangled harness. After a few minutes of releasing the mule and her teammate from the harness, both animals were found to be okay and we rehooked them and were able to continue the ride. After the day's ride, we returned back to the farm and had a delicious pot luck meal followed by some great conversation.

Sunday morning the skies were absolutely clear and the temperatures were downright comfortable. We took off in another direction with 3 wagons and rode about 10 miles before we returned to "Tucker Station" where we all chowed down on the leftovers from the Saturday evening meal. Everyone agreed that Sunday was one of the best days for a wagon ride that we have had this year. Overall, I think the weekend turned out to be a great time for everyone who attended. Lee and Beth sure know how to host a ride!!



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