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2015 Marvin and Terry Doyle's Ride

Marvin Doyle and his son Terry invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to a weekend ride over the Memorial Day weekend. The ride started at Terry's Triple D Stables about 5 miles east of Cynthiana, Kentucky. Saturday's weather was perfect for a wagon ride with temperatures topping out in the upper 70's and almost no humidity. However, the perfect weather combined with it being a holiday weekend really affected attendance. Because of the perfect weather, many members of the club elected to stay home and bale hay or to get their fields ready for planting instead of taking the time off to join the ride. Only 3 wagons and one outrider showed up for the Saturday ride and later in the day, Sunday's ride was cancelled due to the lack of interest. This was unfortunate because it was a great area for a wagon ride with lots of beautiful scenery and very little vehicular traffic. When we returned to Terry's in the afternoon, Marvin told us that we had all been invited to go up to Blue Lick State Park about 15 miles away where his son, a local agent of the Modern Woodman of America financial group, was holding a fish fry for his customers, family and friends. A few of us made the trip and enjoyed a great pot luck supper courtesy of Randy and Paula Doyle. (Be sure to contact them if you are from that area and have any insurance or other financial needs!)



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2015 Marvin and Terry Doyle's Ride

2015 Marvin and Terry Doyle's Ride



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