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Merrill/Wright Spring Ride


Bev Merrill along with Jerry (Cat) and Shelby Wright invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to join them and some of their friends for a wagon ride in Owen and Scott Counties on May 2nd and 3rd. It turned out to be one of the finest weekends of the year thus far with no rain and bluebird skies both days. Temperatures were ideal for the horses and mules, most of which were still shedding their winter coats. We started the day Saturday with 5 wagons and about 8 outriders. The group of riders left the wagons for a little while to ride cross country, but we all met up again at noon for some lunch. When we returned to camp in the afternoon, several friends dropped by to visit, but Shelby and Bev had enough food prepared to feed all of us and just about anybody else in Owen county who might happen by. It was all delicious! On Sunday morning, the only ones left at the campground were Lee Tucker with his beautiful young white mules and your photographer. We were eventually joined by Bev who accompanied Lee and I on a nice leisurely 12 mile, 3 hour ride around the area. The ride ended with Lee doing some training of his mules on how to cross a metal grated bridge while Bev handled the driving chores. Overall it was a fine weekend to be out and about enjoying the riding and also, enjoying some really great company.



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May 2015 Merrill/Wright Ride

May 2015 Merrill/Wright Ride



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