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2014 Hester-Lovitt Fall Ride

Philip Hester and Virgil Lovitt joined forces to host a Fall wagon ride on October 25, 2014 from their adjoining farms in Northern Kentucky near Mt Olivet. The day started out cool and overcast, but by the time we finished our lunch, the sun was out and conditions were fantastic. About half of the trees had already shed their leaves, however, there were still plenty left to provide some beautiful colors in my photos. After an 18 mile ride through 3 different counties, we returned to Virgil's farm in the late afternoon and enjoyed a delicious dinner of ribeye steaks purchased by Philip and cooked by Virgil. Overall, it was a fine day for this late in the season and I think that everyone had a great time!


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2014 Hester-Lovitt Fall Ride

2014 Hester-Lovitt Fall Ride



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