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2014 Wayne Beckleys Ride

On Saturday, August 23, 2014, Wayne Beckley held his usual late summer wagon ride in conjunction with Yount's Antique Machinery Show near Pleasureville, Kentucky. Both the ride and the show itself were much smaller than in past years. On Saturday, only 5 wagons were on hand to ride and the temperatures were the hottest we had experienced this entire summer. The ride itself went fine, but when we got in from riding there were thunderstorms in the area and the weather service was calling for severe wind and rain during the evening. As a result, I left to go home before the bad weather hit. (It didn't help any that I was suffering from the after effects of some dental surgery on Thursday.) This is why there are fewer photos from this event than is usual. I understand that the really bad weather hit the area around 10PM on Saturday evening. I hope you enjoy the photos I took!


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2014 Wayne Beckley's Ride

2014 Wayne Beckley's Ride



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