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2014 Cooper's Ride

Barb and Sam Cooper invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to their farm near Minerva, Kentucky in Mason county along the Ohio River for a weekend wagon ride over August 8-10, 2014. Sam and Barb have more than 35 horses on their farm. They are mainly Belgian draft horses. The weather forecasters did not hold out a lot of promise for good weather. They predicted intermittent rain and thunderstorms over the entire weekend. As it turned out, there was a lot of rain all around the area, but while the skies were mostly overcast, no rain actually fell on us over the entire weekend with the exception of one quick shower on Sunday afternoon as we were returning to the farm to end the ride. Our Saturday ride took us about 12 miles down to the river front park on the Ohio River in Augusta, Kentucky where we relaxed and ate lunch. When we returned to the farm we had our usual Saturday evening pot luck supper. On Sunday we rode down to Dover, Kentucky, another town located on the banks of the Ohio River. Sunday morning had started with a scare when we were notified that Danny Crawford who had gone home overnight, was at the hospital. Fortunately, he was found to be okay and caught up with us when we stopped for lunch in Dover. As previously noted, on the return trip after lunch we had a 15 minute shower, but otherwise it was another great day and a great end to a wonderful weekend.


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2014 Cooper's Ride

2014 Cooper's Ride



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