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2014 Rader Wagon Train

The 2014 version of Homer Rader's annual wagon train left Colunbiana Farm on Wednesday July 16, 2014. Columbiana is the thoroughbred farm that Homer manages just outside of Paris, Kentucky. The wagons traveled over the back roads of Bourbon and Bath counties for three days and arrived at Danny Crawford's farm near Hillboro, Kentucky on Friday afternoon. Wednesday night was spent near North Middletown and Thursday night was spent at Milltown. In total, the ride covered about 50 miles. We moved our trailers up each day to provide a place to store feed and supplies and to provide a comfortable place to sleep. In general, the weather was wonderful with temperatures abnormally cool for this time of year. Highs were in the upper 70's (F) during the daytime and overnight temperatures were near 50F. The only weather issue was some rain showers on Friday afternoon which limited the number of photos I took during that final portion of the ride.



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2014 Rader Wagon Train

2014 Rader Wagon Train



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