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2014 Bath County Farm Pull

On Friday evening, July 11, 2014, the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association in conjunction with the Bath County Fair held a horse pulling event at the Owingville, Ky. Lions Club Fairground. This was a "farm" pull using a metal sled with concrete blocks added for weight. There were a pair of tuna style tin cans mounted on the sled each holding a tennis ball. The tennis balls had to remain in the cans during each pull. Any jerking of the sled could dislodge the tennis balls resulting in that pull being considered a failed try. The puller was permitted three tries to move the sled 15 feet (called a "full pull") before they could move on to the next higher weight. If the sled proved to be too heavy and the horses could not achieve a "full pull" at a particular weight, then their night was over. During the event, Mr. Joe Police of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School was on hand to present a special thank you plaque to the eventual winner of the pull, Mr Charles Orme. The plaque commemorated Lady, one of Charles favorite mares who had passed away while giving birth. The horseshoes on the plaque were the actual shoes Lady had been wearing when she died. As the winner of the pull, Charles was permitted to continue to pull even after all other competitors were eliminated. His team was eventually able to successfully pull the sled weighting a total of 8,500 lbs. (3,856 kg). It was fortunate that he decided to stop at that point as we were almost completely out of concrete blocks!



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2014 Bath County Farm Pull

2014 Bath County Farm Pull



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