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2014 Tom Ware's Ride

Tom Ware owns the largest funeral home in Cynthiana, Kentucky and he is also the county coroner for Harrison County. However, his real love is the farm he owns in nearby Bracken County where he grew up. Tom raises Tennessee Walking Horses on his farm and spends as much of his free time there as possible. He invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to join him at his farm over the weekend of June 21-22 for a wagon ride. I arrived late on Friday amid a few scatted thunderstorms. I placed my trailer near Tom's motor home in a field that was beautifully prepared and looked more like a park than a farm field. There was a lake that was loaded with catfish although I hadn't brought any fishing tackle. Saturday morning was cool and breezy and other members started showing up with their horses, wagons and/or buggies ready to ride. We had a total of 7 units plus a few outriders when we left the farm. Tom had determined a route that circled through Bracken County for about 17 miles. The weather was great with nice breezes all day long. When we returned to the farm late in the afternoon, Tom had rib eye steaks and pork chops for dinner prepared by a county judge who likes to cook as a hobby. Sunday dawned a little warmer than Saturday, but no one was complaining. We only had 4 units on Sunday and took another route which took us through about 10 miles of back roads on the other side of the county from Saturday. Overall, I would rate this weekend a 10 for fun and enjoyment. Tom was a very gracious host and as I left, I asked him if I could come back to his farm sometime just to camp and enjoy the beautiful environment.


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Tom Ware's Ride - Friday & Saturday

Tom Ware's Ride - Friday & Saturday

Tom Ware's Ride - Sunday

Tom Ware's Ride - Sunday



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