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2014 Shelton Morris Ride

Shelton and Brenda Morris invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to their farm outside of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky over the Memorial Day weekend of May 24-25 to camp and enjoy a weekend wagon ride. The weather for the weekend promised to be wonderful with sunshine and temperatures ranging between 55-80F. On Saturday morning, a total of 7 wagons and buggies harnessed up and proceeded to spend the day riding the back roads of Montgomery and Bath Counties. Along the way, the group visited the town of Preston and Blevins Grocery, a unique establishment that has been the subject of several articles over the years about life in small town Kentucky. We also stopped at a couple of Amish farms owned by Shelton's friends. When we returned to Shelton's farm, we were joined by several of Shelton and Brenda's friends and relatives for a delicious feast of barbecued ribs and deep fried fish. On Sunday morning, the group consisted of 5 wagons and buggies. We took a little shorter route than the previous day and were back at Shelton's by mid-afternoon so everyone could pack up their gear and head home. As always, Shelton and Brenda were great hosts and did everything they could to ensure that everyone had a great time.


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