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2014 Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse

and Mule Association - Spring Field Day

The members of the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association had planned to get together for their annual Spring field day on Saturday April 19, 2014 at the farm of Mike Downs about 5 miles south of Olympia, Kentucky. I arrived mid-morning on Friday planning to get my trailer set up and prepare for the event. When I arrived, I found that a couple of members had come over a day early and had already joined Mike down in the fields to begin the fun. The group continued to work the soil until mid-afternoon under some absolutely gorgeous skies and nice warm temperatures. On Saturday morning, folks started to arrive about 10AM and eventually, there were a total of six teams of 2 or 3 horses along with a lot of watchers and visitors. Mikes wife Joyce along with some help from her sister put out a great lunchtime spread up at the barn. The highlight of the day was after lunch when Charles Orme and his sons put together his famous 7 horse hitch and hooked to his 2 bottom Pioneer plow to make some rounds. Charles was especially proud of his young stud horse who was experiencing his first time in the big hitch and worked as though he had been doing it all along. At the end of the day, just about anyone who was interested had a chance to drive a team or ride a plow and get their photo taken. Overall, the weather was fine and it was a great weekend for an event like this, much better than we had experienced for this event over the past few years.



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