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2014 Mule Day Celebrations


The annual Mule Day celebrations for 2014 were held in Columbia, Tennessee during the first week of April. Some Indiana friends and I had joined a week long private wagon train which had driven over to the Mule Day celebrations from Parsons, Tennessee. (Photos from that wagon train are posted on this website.) We arrived in Columbia mid-day Thursday of that week and spent Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday and Saturday viewing the various mule related activities at the park. I took as many photos of the activities as was possible, but with multiple activities being held simultaneously I had to concentrate on a few events and wasn't able to get photos of everything that was occurring. I was able to capture a few photos of some of the members of our wagon train as they watched and, in some cases, participated in the various events. On Saturday morning, my friends and I went down-town to watch the annual Mule Day Parade. We found a spot near the starting point for the parade and I attempted to capture a photo of each of the equine units that were participating in the parade, along with some of the more interesting non-equine parade units. I hope that you enjoy some of the 466 photos I have posted here.



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Around the Grounds

Around the Grounds

Mule Day Parade

Mule Day Parade



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